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The K8ee Train

Aug. 2nd, 2006 06:18 pm Sturdy Unshockable Wenches, oh my!

Today has been a pretty displeasing day. I woke up and went to the dentist to get fillings put in, and there was a lot of drilling and cotton in my mouth and tooth shards flying, and then I spent the rest of the day scrubbing mold off the ceiling of my mom's bathroom. I was sweating like nobody's business, falling over the toilet, and twisting into unholy positions. It reminded me of Wallflowers, without the companionship. Also, when all is said and done, there isn't a mural on the ceiling, just somewhat less mold. I'm beginning to feel a little stupid for volunteering to paint my sister's room next week. On the other hand, I had a pleasure overload when I was watching "Full House" today and Steve Urkel guest-starred. I live like a rock star. 

Speaking of being a rock star, I've had mixed success with the music this week. I went to the park Monday, and it was so hot I couldn't stay out there. I moved to the Writers' Walk, where Avery and Liz Leshen found me, and Avery very kindly bought a CD off of me. That was almost the only money I made Monday. There were people around, but they were being cheap. On the plus side, Avery showed my CD to Pete, who also bought one. 

Yesterday I ran into Anna on the street and Robert in the subway. Small world. 

I've felt a little bored periodically this summer, but I haven't experienced the "growing melancholy" Raffi and I both anticipated at the graduation party. I think guitar has been good for me. Even though I don't do it that often, I always know I can, and it helps focus my week. I've also seen/spoken to people more than usual. Reading helps too. Here's a charming anecdote from a book about Peter the Great:

"For Peter, walking into Lefort's house was like stepping onto a different planet. Here were wit, charm, hospitality, entertainment, relaxation, and usually the exciting presence of women. Sometimes, they were the respectable wives and pretty daughter of the foreign merchants and soldiers, dressed in the latest Western gowns. More often, they were the rollicking, unshockable wenches whose role it was to see that no man was gloomy, buxom, sturdy women who did not take offense at barracks language or the admiring touch of male hands."

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Jul. 15th, 2006 09:11 pm She's Trying to Evolve

It's been a pretty good week since I last wrote. I played guitar in the park two more times, and to date I've made 75 dollars and half a Euro. I got a sunburn, I was asked to sing "Brown Eyed Girl" into someone's cell phone, and several people posed with me for pictures. Strange but fun encounters. Two little boys asked me to play a "cowboy" song, but they were satisfied with the non-cowboy song I came up with, and two Italian boys asked me to play something that rocked and were satisfied with my rendition of "Wonderwall". Five people from Michigan and Chicago hung out with me for awhile and liked that I kept "Hand in My Pocket" low. 

I saw Lizzie, Juliet, and Aileen on Tuesday and said some dumb things, such as "It's like Tivo, but the ceiling!", and when we were discussing filling a bathtub with money, Juliet said "I wonder how much it would cost to fill a bathtub", and I said "it doesn't cost anything, stupid. You do it every day...Oh. With MONEY!" 

Despite those dumb comments, I'm actually smart. I've been reading about Eleanor Roosevelt all week, I got a 5 on the Latin AP, and, get this, a magazine called "Shampoo" is going to publish "Banana Expoetics"! Johanna, you've been immortalized!

I went to the Ani Difranco concert with Johanna and her sister on Thursday. We had a good time. The opening acts were both good, and so was Ani, although she only played for an hour and half. I really admire her lyrics. I've been frustrated by the lack of clarity in my thoughts and writing lately, which was funny, because last night I sat down and wrote a surprisingly clear diary entry about my lack of clarity.

One last thing: Grace and I started an lj community called "fgtfans" for fans of fgt (imagine!). Join!

Well that's about it for me. Peace out homies.

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Jul. 7th, 2006 09:39 pm My Professional Debut

I ventured out to Central Park to play my guitar today. I was planning to stand near Bethesda Fountain, but they were shooting a disney movie called "Enchanted" there so there was too much commotion (and a lot of people in liederhosen). Instead, I played about halfway down the Writers' Walk. It was very pleasant. It was shady and cool and people were basically supportive. I made a whopping $8.16. That's not a very impressive sum, but other people smiled, gave me thumbs up, stopped to listen, etc. so I felt good about it. I saw Ms. Kuberska! She gave me a dollar :-). Also, a very cute Italian family with two little girls came by and listened and danced for a while, and when they left the girls said "ciao". 

Later on this very enthusiastic jogger stopped, told me he liked my music and "the Metropolitans" (I was wearing a Mets cap), and then borrowed my guitar to play a song. He gave me some pointers, then scampered away, yelling at people that they should listen to me as he went. Weird. He can be president of my fan club.

So it was a clunky but fun beginning. I think I could make a career out of this. At least til the summer's over.

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Jun. 28th, 2006 07:10 am Naps and Circumstance

What an emotionally exhausting two weeks it's been since school ended. First of all, it seems like a million years since I actually sat in a classroom. I enjoyed the last day. It was really nice to sit on the steps with much of the grade and enjoy each others' company. The rest of the gals went to a party at night but I went home because I was sleepy. Since then I've been over Juliet's a few times (fun and busty), gone to the Mermaid Parade (fun and busty also!), and graduated. I enjoyed graduation too. I was very nervous all day, although not about speaking, really, since I think my speech was the easiest (it was short and not my own words), but just about the whole thing. But once the ceremony started I just enjoyed it. Grace and Simon delivered their speeches well, as did the grownup speakers. Even though Jennifer Raab gives the same speech every year, I don't think it's a bad speech. My speech went well too, although once again people didn't know when it was over.

Grad party was fun. No one has to tell me I looked silly. I'm aware. I got home at 3:30 and then woke up at 7 for Jackie's graduation, which was also nice. 

So here I am, numb and tired. I'm too tired to feel sad about Hunter ending, but I do have this nagging sort of feeling, which I think is the "growing melancholy" Raffi was talking about at grad party. It might help if we ever saw the sun again.

Time marches on, however. I'm going to BU for Orientation today. I should come back with a schedule and possibly a room assignment. Wish me luck.

Also, if anyone has pictures from graduation that pertaineth to me, please send them to me or post them on Facebook. I have very few.

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Jun. 11th, 2006 11:55 am Prom Onward

Well. I had a really good time at Prom. I would say it was about equally as fun as Semi last year, and I had a very good time at Semi. As I think everyone agreed, the Lighthouse was really pretty-the space, the music, the food were all good. Dan looked really cute in his hat. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people danced. Just about everyone danced for at least a little while. I personally got down with Ben, Dan, Charles, Jeffrey, all my homegirls, Ami (til she fled :-)), Ms. Aboody, and Mr. Randolph. 

Afterwards, we went to Chiara's house to change and then after some deliberation and arguments with the limo company, we wound up at the party in Forest Hills, which was across the street from my building. I had a good time at the party, which surprised me since I wasn't drinking. But it was a nice house (less nice when we got through with it), and people were friendly, except for Kyle, who pushed Juliet's date into the pool, and Justin, who tried to start a fistfight with Grace's date. Both of them took it very well. 

We were pretty bedraggled by the time we got to school, and although I had been in high spirits all night, I finally crashed during "I, Claudius". I went home, slept for four hours, then slept for 12 more. 

Yesterday, I went to Jackie's confirmation, which was in a very nice church in Garden City. The lady behind us was singing hymns really loud and really tone-deafly. She also was looking disapprovingly at us because we weren't sure when to stand up and when to sit down. And also because we weren't saying the "amen"s. And also because we're no good Jew-lookin Jews. 

The days since Prom have been a blur of sleeping, separated by brief periods of wakefulness. I'm feeling all right, but I'm sort of worried about the summer. I don't want to end up depressed like last summer. I'm excited about BU, but since the Awards Ceremony, I've been pretty melancholy about Hunter ending. I don't think I really enjoyed Hunter a lot until this year. This year felt different. In my experience, people were more friendly to me, and it was easier to talk to teachers, and even though I didn't take advantage of being a senior, it was good to have some implied authority. I'm not looking forward to being the youngest again. I'm really going to miss Hunter. I'll miss my friends of course, but I believe I'll stay in touch with them. It's all the other people, the people I like a lot but only ever see in school, that I'll miss.
It's stupid to dwell on this though. School is ending. I think I'm lucky too, because I feel like I'm pretty much who I want to be right now. I don't owe any explanations or apologies to people. I can just say my goodbyes, and go, without regret. 

I hope I can hold it together at graduation.

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Jun. 1st, 2006 08:45 pm Carnival

I thought I had experienced sticky surfaces and sticky materials before, but they all seem downright not sticky compared to today. 

At 10:00, Johanna and I went down to set up the milkshake booth. We were done by 10:05, so Johanna artfully arranged the cups in a gentle curving, color-coordinated line of fabulousness. The table was quite beautiful. So we admired it briefly and then got really hot so we sat under the table and waited for someone to see how cute we were. No one did, but we knew it in our hearts.

For the first hour the milkshake booth was equipped with 12 cartons of milk, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and the charm of its salespeople. The ice cream didn't come for an hour, but we did a decent business selling people discounted chocolate milk.

Then the ice cream came, and things got intense. The idiots at Ben and Jerry's think it's a good idea to sell and transport ice cream in cardboard boxes, which leaked and fell apart quickly. Logic was out the window. Grace was presiding over the chocolate, which was a solid block all day even though it was in the sun, while the strawberry, which was on ice, melted into the ice and caused sticky chaos. 

So by 2:00 Grace and I were up to our elbows in ice cream, chopping away at it like cavemen with ice cream scoops, Johanna and I were having a race with time and fate and the strawberry ice cream, and the sun had been beating down mercilessly on us for four hours.

A little later, I unstuck myself and after some technical difficulties, I got to play my set. I had a very good time. My homies stayed, and so did quite a bunch of other people. It was a receptive crowd, and i didn't mess anything up. Mr. Crouch came up and very sincerely complimented me afterwards, as did a lot of people. 

By then i was sweating like a pig, sunburned, and doing my post-concert shakes. Lizzie, Aileen and I found everyone's blenders and cleaned them as best we could. Then we hung out in the art room with Torrey and had a very artsy couple of hours. I sang and played guitar, Aileen harmonized :-), and Torrey painted while Lizzie drew Torrey. 

So here I am, with a pronounced trucker tan, but I'm clean again, and that's what matters.

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May. 16th, 2006 05:02 pm

I've dried out and clammed up since earlier today. Dr. Phil is playing in the background, and he's encouraging his audience to take responsibility for the things they do. So,

Lizzie, I'm sorry I snapped at you. But as I'm sure you remember from that time TJ busted through the tape wall at Rep, you always yell at the ones you love.

Grace, thanks for your jacket and for being a shoulder to whine on, even though the impending Calc AP was gnawing away at you.

Juliet, thanks for that strange exchange on 86th street, and for also hating the Stat test.

Johanna, I'm sorry you weren't interested in the state of my pants. But not so sorry that I won't tell you about it next time :-).

The stat test was bad, but pretty much what I expected. Today was a tough day. I was cold, wet, and sensitive all day. Probably all three were due to the weather. I don't really know what the problem was, but it cleared itself up for now, and there you have it.

Good luck tomorrow, guys.

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Apr. 23rd, 2006 02:30 pm Girls Gone Wild

I had the toplessest Spring Break ever! The fortiest toplessest Spring Break ever! 

I finished the collected novels of Carson McCullers. I liked it a lot, but they are very depressing stories, and I was sort of in a grim mood all week, so the combination didn't help. Now I'm reading the Da Vinci Code, which is a lot of fun. 

I checked out the CUNY dorms with Torrey and Lizzie. We all agreed that they looked old, but loved. Then Lizzie and I met up with some of the others and we went to the park, chilled, rowed, ate ice cream. I got a sunburn. I seem to get a silly sunburn that makes me look like a trucker around this time every year. I always forget what a fair maiden I am. I watched "Norma Rae" and "Silkwood", which were good in the same way, and "Silence of the Lambs", which was good in a different way.

It was a very indistinct week. I actually can't remember what I spent my time doing for most of it. Sometimes it creeps me out how I can go for weeks and then not remember any of it. 

I went to Boston at 3:30 a.m. Friday. It was fun. The town looks nice as usual, everyone seems pretty friendly. We went to "Women in Ancient Rome", and I was relieved to see that the whole class was bored and hadn't done the reading. The BU admissions people like to tout all their fellows and fancy lab researching students, but it was good to see a room full of disinterested kids. I liked the class a lot, and I took it as a good sign that the professor announced a conference on Ancient Roman culture that afternoon that I would have gone to, had I been a student. The three of us went to lunch, and were all extremely impressed by the dessert, which was mousse in a chocolate cup with a piece of chocolate on top that the BU seal on it, which has the "latin" phrase "universitas bostoniensis". 

Here's the kicker. I really liked the concert! We walked in there, and there were a lot of people in wacky makeup and outfits (and the naked girl in the bathroom), and when we went in this band called "porsches on the autobahn", a fake-german techno band with stupid sunglasses was jumping around on stage singing about sticking a penis in your eye. There's a song I wish I had written. After that, Humanwine came on and they were like a real band. They were very interesting-sort of a mix of punk, gypsy jazz, and cabaret music. Lizzie and Juliet were squealing about how cute the singer, Holly was, and she was pretty cute. I liked the guy in the bowler hat who played the trumpet, slide trumpet, accordian, and glockenspiel. Then there was a guy who swallowed swords and a woman who hula-ed while stripping, although, as we indignantly commented to a guy on line at the 7-Eleven later, "she didn't take off her pasties!" The Dresden Dolls themselves were cool. I thought they were interesting. They had a lot of influences and they were really good musicians. They had a lot energy and charisma too. It was good all around. 

It's going to be disorienting to go back "Hischoolius Hunteriensis" tomorrow.

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Apr. 1st, 2006 09:05 am The End of The Process

Our good friend the college process, that unholy succubus that has been a part of our lives since as least the spring of last year, and for many longer than that, is finally ending. It feels so strange. It feels so good. The closure is terrific.

A lot of people are upset by how our school did admissions-wise. And I think were a lot of undeserved rejections and waitlisting, but I'm feeling pretty zen about it. All my friends got into multiple schools, and I think we're all pretty happy with the options before us. 

It feels like all my responsibilities came to an end this week. I got all of my college responses, I did WELL on a stat test, we're getting down to the very last thing at Wallflowers. It's so refreshing. 

So here's the final list, if anyone is interested but didn't want to ask, of my college results

Brown- rejected
Boston University- accepted and where I'm going
Carleton- waitlisted, but I took my name off
Harvard- deferred, then rejected
Michigan- deferred, still waiting
CUNY Honors- accepted
Vassar- rejected

I'm not going to miss the college process. I don't ever want to have to need anything from Ms. Garcia again, I don't want to ask any teachers for anything, I don't want to write essays about my soul, I don't want to go on interviews where the guy doesn't notice I'm there, or doesn't think I'm funny and then escorts me out the back way. 

We did our time, we got our free magnets and mints, we did all right. 

Congratulations everybody.

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Mar. 19th, 2006 09:32 am A Good Name For a Band

It's been a nice calm couple of days. Friday I went to P.S. 196 and dropped off two bags of kids books for their library. They painted the school in really vibrant murals, and I was sort of overstimulated, but it was nice to drop by. I didn't get to see anyone, because they don't like teenagers wandering their hallways there, but I made up for it by going to Austin Street and seeing "She's the Man", which was not terrible. Amanda Bynes is funny, anyway. The movie is rated PG-13 for "schoolyard language and transgender innuendo", and I've been thinking that if the Flipping Pixies thing doesn't work out, Transgender Innuendo would be an excellent name for a band. Next Arts Day...if there is one...

Speaking of Arts Days, I'm becoming such a celebrity. At the movie theater, it was pitch black and there was no one there except me and a group of like seven or eight girls who seemed a few years younger than me. So they were talking and giggling about how they couldn't see and they couldn't eat their nachos and what if they were sitting on some creepy pervert RIGHT NOW, and then all of a sudden one of them yells out "Hey, were you in Arts Day?" and I do a little "Who, me?" and they say "yeah!", and I say "yeah", and then they all erupted into a chorus of "I loved your song! I love what you do! You rock!" And then the movie started and they forgot but I didn't and it was excellent.

Then I got home and got deferred from the University of Michigan and accepted into CUNY Honors. I'm really glad to be in college, although I'm not going to lie that it isn't kind of scaring me that I got deferred from Michigan. It's a good school, yes, but it isn't supposed to be very hard to get into, and not harder than a bunch of the schools I applied to. I wasn't worrying about this before, but now I get all anxious when the mail comes, so I'm glad it's Sunday. Yay CUNY Honors though. You get your own room and a free laptop, and already all the information came in such a nice folder!

Then I watched "Desert Hearts", which is the good lesbian movie of importance from the eighties. The bad one is "Personal Best". "Desert Hearts" is a little dated, I think, but it was pretty gripping. I spent the whole time yelling at the older one "fuck your life back home in New York! She's so cute! And she's wearing one of those western shirts! and she's standing in the rain kissing you!"

Last night I went out to dinner with the family and we all discussed how ridiculous penises are. We all pretty much agree that they're silly and boys shouldn't be in such a rush to show them off. Dad was more amused than insulted, so good for him. Then we all watched "the 40-year-old virgin" which was VERY funny and surprisingly warmhearted, although still not a movie to watch with your parents. Our favorite family film is still "Showgirls".

So all in all it's been an emotionally draining weekend. There was praise, there was was deferral, there was acceptance. And as always, there was transgender innuendo.

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