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Notes on a Vacation - The K8ee Train

Dec. 28th, 2006 09:44 pm Notes on a Vacation

Haven't written on here since the last vacation, which is surprising to me. I usually can't resist recording events and things, but the past month has gone by so fast and been so busy that it really hasn't occurred to me to do an entry until now. Things really picked up for me when I got back from Thanksgiving. It's not that I did so much more or suddenly had tons of friends, exactly, it's just that my outlook switched into a more relaxed and positive mode than before, so what I had began to look better. I go through such abrupt and strong periods of feeling bad or feeling good. But I've been riding this pleasant wave for the last month and I'm enjoying it. My finals all went pretty well, although I ended up with a B- in Stat again, which proves that I learned nothing this semester. Overall, I'm satisfied with my grades and looking forward to next semester, when I have class three days a week, and none of those classes are math or science.

I saw the lighting of the tree at Boston Common with Devin and Sarah B, which was fun. There were fireworks! Although the Boston tree is a mere 42 feet, which is pretty shrimpy compared to Rockefeller Center's 88 ft tree. Sarah D decorated our room in sparkles and christmas lights, which I was too lazy to do, although I enjoyed it. I spent some quality time with Devin, Nikki, and the Benchies, and ran into Kake at pretty much every meal for a week. I got to DJ a radio show by myself on Dad's birthday, which was SO MUCH FUN. Hopefully I'll be doing it again during finals week in May, for anyone who missed it, or heard and enjoyed the first one. 

Homecoming was really nice. It was good to see everyone again, although Ms. Kuberska wasn't there :-(. I miss Hunter and the atmosphere there, but I don't have this longing to be back there, as I thought I might. Especially since they redid the floors in a lot of the rooms in this "clown vomit" pattern that is truly blinding. Someone stole the clock we got Ms. Mazzola for the Latin room. We chatted with her for a while, but eventually she had to admit that she had a class to teach. We also saw Ms. Aboody, who talked with us about erections, and Ms. Sewell, who told me and Johanna not to be sluts. 

Christmas was good, despite the fact that everyone in my family except Dad has had some nasty stomach virus this week.  Yesterday I went on an awesome bowling excursion with the homies, Dan, Ami, and Ni. Rolling Thunder rolls on!

Diana and I went to see "Notes on a Scandal" today, which was suitably creepy. Although, as I suspected I would, I sympathized with Judi Dench, who was a creepy, obsessive, manipulative old lesbian. I'm feeling sort of disconnected right now, though not for any good reason. These things come and go.

I guess that's about it for now. More in the future...

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Date:December 29th, 2006 05:22 am (UTC)
I saw "The Good Shepherd." Fewer lesbians, but it did have Angelina Jolie, and a majorly angsty Matt Damon, and more symbolism than you could shake a blinding dildo at. If that has any appeal for you.