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An Argument for Evolution - The K8ee Train

Oct. 28th, 2006 03:49 pm An Argument for Evolution

I'm doing fine. I went to Salem yesterday with Devin, Nikki, and Devin's roommates. Salem's a cute town, full of witch stuff, which would make the Puritans who hanged them 300 years ago pretty pissed. They must be spinning in their graves, some of which we saw when we walked through a really old cemetary. We walked around the town, went to a store that sold top hats and hand-painted capes with pictures of owls on them for $500 (pretty but how practical?), walked down to a little lighthouse, and generally chilled. Then I came back and practiced my grooves for a while. 

Anyway, in the course of my research for a paper on Rome and Carthage, I found this paraphrase of a lost Carthaginian writing. It seems the Carthaginians were exploring Africa, looking for trade routes, when this happened:

"In this Gulf was an island like the one last mentioned, with a lake which contained another island. This was full of savages; by far the greater number were women with hairy bodies, called 'gorillas' by our interpreters. We gave chase to the men but could not catch any for they climbed up steep rocks and pelted us with stones. However we captured three women who bit and scratched their captors. We killed and flayed them and brought their skins back to Carthage. This was as far as we could sail owing to lack of provisions."

Silly Carthaginians...

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